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Winners Announced! WCB 2018 Travel Awards & Publication of the Year

ANZSB is excited to announce our travel award winners to attend WCB 2018 in Dublin, Ireland in July as well as the Publication of the Year Award for 2017.

For all awards, the executive committee appointed reviewers that were free from conflicts of interest (e.g. supervisors who had a post-doc or PhD student submit an application in a particular award category were ruled ineligible to review that award). Reviewers were asked to rank the applicants based upon 1) the significance and importance of the research, 2) the rigour and innovation of the methods, and 3) how well the research was reported.

ANZSB would like to thank all researchers who submitted an award application for each of the categories. If you didn't submit an application this time or were unlucky enough to miss out, then don't forget that travel awards will be offered again for ABC11 later in the year.

Congratulations goes to...

WCB 2018 Travel Award Winner - Student

Author: Carina Blaker, Kolling Institute, University of Sydney

Title: Preclinical models of post-traumatic osteoarthritis: biomechanical and pathological comparisons of two ACL injury models.

WCB 2018 Travel Award Winner - Early-Mid Career Researcher

Author: Bart Bolsterlee, Neuroscience Research Australia, University of Sydney

Title: Three-dimensional architecture of the whole human soleus muscle in vivo.

2017 ANZSB Publication of the Year Award

Authors: Bart Bolsterlee, Arkiev D'Souza, Simon Gandevia, Robert Herbert

Title: How does passive lengthening change the architecture of the human medial gastrocnemius muscle?

Journal: Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol. 122, pp. 727-738.

The travel award winners will receive a prize of $500 to help with their costs to attend WCB 2018. They will be required to acknowledge their funding support by ANZSB in their presentations and also provide a conference report for the ANZSB newsletter following WCB.

The publication of the year award winners will receive a certificate of recognition and a prize of $250. A story about the winning publication will be provided in the next ANZSB newsletter with the input of the winning authors.

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