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ABC11 Travel Awards + ANZSB Voting Details: September Newsletter Out Now

The September edition of the ANZSB Newsletter is out now. Members can access this edition and all past editions by going to the Newsletters section of our website. Alternatively, members will find the newsletter in their inbox.

In this edition of the newsletter, there is a call for applications for ABC11 travel awards for both students and early/mid-career researchers. Please see the newsletter and website for more details. Applications close on Friday, September 28.

Finally, the positions and nominees up for election are announced along with details on how to vote. Please ensure you read this section of the newsletter as well as the nominees’ biographies at the end of the newsletter ahead of the voting period opening this Monday the 17th of September. On Monday, all members will be emailed a unique link to the voting website. We encourage all members to have their say and vote on these positions. Voting will close on November 17 and the positions will be announced at ABC11 in December.

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