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Congratulations ABC11 Travel Award Winners!

Congratulations to our travel awards winners who will attend and present at ABC11 in Auckland, New Zealand next month! For both award categories, both the ABC11 scientific committee and the ANZSB executive committee assessed the abstract submissions ensuring that any reviewer was free from conflicts of interest (e.g. supervisors who had a post-doc or PhD student submit an application in a particular category were ruled ineligible to review that award). Reviewers were asked to rank the applicants based upon 1) the significance and importance of the research, 2) the rigour and innovation of the methods, and 3) how well the research was reported. ANZSB would like to thank all researchers who submitted an award application. Travel award and publication of the year award applications will return in 2019. ABC11 Travel Award Winner - Student Author: Scott Starkey, University of Melbourne Title: Effect of neuromuscular exercise on joint contact forces in people following partial meniscectomy: secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial. ABC11 Travel Award Winner - Early-Mid Career Researcher Author: Claudio Pizzolato, Griffith University Title: Combined EMG-informed neuromusculoskeletal and surrogates of finite element models estimate localised Achilles tendon strain in real-time. The travel award winners will receive a prize of $500 to help with their costs to attend ABC11. They will be required to acknowledge their funding support by ANZSB in their presentations and also provide a conference report for the ANZSB newsletter following ABC11.

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