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ANZSB November Newsletter + Membership Renewals + Final Chance to Vote

The final issue for 2018 of our members-only newsletter is now out and has been sent to all of our members via email. As always, ANZSB members can access all of our newsletters at our website (requires website registration):

Included in this edition:

  • ABC11 update including the release of the final programme and details of key events such as the Women in Biomechanics breakfast, Student Roundtable Lunch and Student Social event.

  • ABC11 Travel Award Winners Announced

  • Final President’s Report from outgoing ANZSB President Rob Herbert

  • Story on the 2017 ANZSB Publication of the Year

  • Announcement of Prof. Nicholas Stergiou’s Nonlinear Analysis Workshop at The University of Newcastle next February

With another ABC fast approaching, many members will soon find that their membership will be expiring. You can renew your membership at any time by going to

Finally, if you have yet to vote for the ANZSB Executive Committee Positions then you only have a few days remaining to have your say. Voting closes this Saturday, November 17. Your unique link to the voting page has previously been emailed to all members. If you have lost your email then please contact ANZSB at

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