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New ANZSB Executive Committee Announced

Thank you to all of our members who attended today's ANZSB General Meeting. During the General Meeting, the executive committee for the next two years was announced. Please find below your new ANZSB executive committee to run until ABC 12 in December, 2020.

President - Prof. Peter Pivonka (Queensland University of Technology)

President-Elect - Dr. Karen Mickle (Victoria University)

Past-President - Prof. Rob Herbert (Neuroscience Research Australia)

Secretary / Treasurer - Dr. Bart Bolsterlee (Neuroscience Research Australia)

Communications Officer - Dr. Ben Hoffman (University of Southern Queensland)

Student Representative - Jodie Wills (Macquarie University)

Conference Liaison Officer - Dr. Julie Choisne (The University of Auckland - Auckland Bioengineering Institute)

ABC12 Representative - TBC

On behalf of all ANZSB members, the executive committee would like to thank outgoing Past-President Dr. Liz Clarke for her tremendous service to the ANZSB executive committee. Liz has been on the executive committee for the past eight years in a variety of positions including communications officer, secretary / treasurer, president and past-president. While Liz's service to ANZSB has formally ended, no doubt her input will continue to be valued by the society and of benefit to biomechanists across Australia and New Zealand. Thanks Liz!

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