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ABC12 Update

After much deliberation, the ABC12 local organising committee has made the decision to change the format of ABC12 to an online-only conference. The committee tried everything in their power over the past 2 years to implement a face-to-face conference but unfortunately, the current restrictions on travel for much of Australia and New Zealand as well as the unpredictability of the current COVID-19 situation has led the committee to this decision.

While it would’ve been great to catch-up face-to-face, a silver lining is that this opens up presentations and “virtual attendance” from those who were unable to travel. As a result, abstract submission has now been re-opened until Friday, September 17. If you would like to submit an abstract then please visit the ABC12 website:

Concurrently, the ANZSB Travel Awards will also be re-open. These awards will now cover the cost of registration for the award recipients. To submit an award application, please visit:

The local organising committee is currently revising the registration fees to reflect that this will now be an online conference, with substantially reduced fees compared to those of the originally planned physical conference. Please visit the registration page again soon for updates:

Please stay safe and check the ABC12 and ANZSB website and twitter account for updates. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support of ABC12 and we look forward to seeing you online from the 6th of December!


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