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Advancing Women in Biomechanics session at #ISB2021

The goal of this one-hour workshop is to provide practice in recognizing and addressing bias through specific scenarios and discussion of positive responses. There will be break-out rooms where scenarios will be enacted. Participants in small groups will work together to recognize biases taking place and how best to respond. This session is open to all genders, and men are especially encouraged to participate. Scenarios will include hiring, reviews and promotions, meeting dynamics, mentorship and sponsorship, and everyday interactions. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for meaningful discussions. This workshop is organized by “Advancing Women in Biomechanics” (AWB).

Registration for the event may be completed by July 20th at Please ensure to use the same email used for ISB registration for the Google Form registration. This will allow us to provide the protected Zoom link to the event through the ISB Conference Platform and the event to display on your conference schedule.

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