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December 2020 Issue of the ANZSB Newsletter Out Now

The latest issue of the ANZSB Newsletter is now out and includes:

  • President Peter Pivonka reflecting on 2020, reporting on the Regional ABC – Brisbane meeting and looking forward to 2021

  • National Biomechanics Day founder Paul DeVita discusses how NBD in 2021 will look as the world navigates COVID-19

  • Australian NBD Coordinator Ben Hoffman announces the Australian NBD Grant and Textbook Program

  • The organisers of ABC12 provide a brief update

Members can find the newsletter in their email or via the newsletters section of our website: (website members only).

On behalf of the ANZSB Executive Committee, we wish everyone a happy and healthy festive season and we hope everyone gets to take some well-deserved leave. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2021!


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