National Biomechanics Day was founded by American Society of Biomechanics Past-President Paul De Vita and was first held in 2016. The goal of National Biomechanics Day is "to advance Biomechanics science and education by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Biomechanics among the high school community around the world". A full greeting from the founder can be found by visiting the official National Biomechanics Day page here:

By inviting local high school students to a nearby biomechanics laboratory, these students can experience and become aware of the field of biomechanics, helping to introduce future biomechanists to their future careers.

ANZSB is a proud advocate of National Biomechanics Day and encourages all of our members to participate in this day by hosting a National Biomechanics Day event at their institution. Specific New Zealand (April 2, 2020) and Australian (May 8, 2020) National Biomechanics Days have been organised between institutions, details of which can be seen below.

Registering Your National Biomechanics Day Event

If you are hosting a National Biomechanics Day event at your institution in 2020, please register your event at the National Biomechanics Day website:


New Zealand National Biomechanics Day

2020 Date: April 2 (March 31 for Canterbury)


New Zealand's own National Biomechanics Day was first run in 2017 as part of the global expansion of National Biomechanics Day. In 2020 the following universities will participate in New Zealand National Biomechanics Day:

  • Auckland Bioengineering Institute/ University of Auckland Exercise Sciences (Geoff Handsfield and Angus McMorland)

  • Auckland University of Technology (Kelly Sheerin and Hannah Wyatt)

  • University of Waikato / the Avantidrome / Adams Centre for High Performance Sport (Kim Hebert-Losier and Steve Finlayson)

  • Massey University- Palmerston North (Phil Fink)

  • University of Canterbury (Jenny Clarke)

For more information please visit or contact them via their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Australian National Biomechanics Day

2020 Date: May 8

For the first time ever, a coordinated National Biomechanics Day was held across Australian universities in 2019. Due to the official date of National Biomechanics Day falling during school holidays in some Australian states/territories, Australian National Biomechanics Day will take place during Term 2 of the school year. All Australian biomechanists and institutions are invited to join together and host a National Biomechanics Day event on this date.

If you are an Australian biomechanist and would like to be part of this coordinated Australian National Biomechanics Day then please contact Ben Hoffman ( or Jeroen Aeles (

If you are unable to run an event on Friday May 8 due to teaching and / or logistical constraints, we still strongly encourage Australian universities to run events during this week or at a time that works for your university. Please do not feel that your National Biomechanics Day event has to be held on the specific date!