National Biomechanics Day was founded by former American Society of Biomechanics President Paul De Vita and was first held in 2016. The goal of National Biomechanics Day is "to advance Biomechanics science and education by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Biomechanics among the high school community around the world". More details can be found at the official National Biomechanics Day page here: http://thebiomechanicsinitiative.org/.

By inviting local high school students to a nearby biomechanics laboratory, these students can experience and become aware of the field of biomechanics, helping to introduce future biomechanists to their future careers.

ANZSB is a proud advocate of National Biomechanics Day and encourages all of our members to participate in this day by hosting a National Biomechanics Day event.

Registering Your National Biomechanics Day Event

If you are hosting a National Biomechanics Day event in 2021, please register your event at the National Biomechanics Day website: http://thebiomechanicsinitiative.org/registration/


New Zealand National Biomechanics Day

2021 Date: Tuesday, April 13

Theme: "Mechanics of Human Movement"


This year, we are celebrating “Mechanics of human movement” as part of New Zealand National Biomechanics Day on Tuesday 13th April, 2021.

We are also aligning our outreach initiative with the (international) NBD Outreach for Women in Biomechanics initiative. This initiative aims to empower women biomechanists to create their NBD events centred on promoting women in Biomechanics. Two of our five sites were successful in securing one of the grants to support this initiative. Women are leading four of the five sites. As a consortium, we have committed to reach at least 50% of women participating in NZ NBD.

The following institutions in NZ are planning to participate:

  • University of Waikato, Adams Centre for High Performance, Tauranga

    • Lead: Dr Kim Hebert-Losier and Ms Ma. Roxanne Fernandez

    • Outreach for women grant

  • University of Canterbury, Christchurch

    • Lead: Dr Jenny Clark and Ms Nina Pernus

    • Outreach for women grant

  • Auckland Bioengineering Institute, Auckland

    • Lead: Dr Lysea Munoz and Ms Steph Khuu

  • Massey University, Palmerston North

    • Lead: Dr Phil Fink

  • Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin

    • Lead: Dr Codi Ramsey


Each site is planning to host approximately 100 students that will take part in 3 to 6 interactive, technology-facilitated, experiential learning activities across a range of biomechanical applications, but primarily with a focus on human movement.

For more information and updates regarding NZ NBD, then please check out the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NZNationalBiomechanicsDay/) or contact us via our email address that is being checked on a weekly basis up until the event (nz.biomech.group@gmail.com).

Groups or individuals can also get in touch with the NZ NBD Coordinator, Kim Hebert-Losier, via email (kim.hebert-losier@waikato.ac.nz) or on twitter (@KimHebertLosier).

Australian National Biomechanics Day

2021 Date: N/A

Due to the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty around restrictions between states, there is no single date for a coordinated Australian NBD for 2021. However, Australian institutions are still invited to host an event on a date that works for their university and local restrictions.

To encourage Australian institutions to participate in NBD, the Biomechanics Initiative and Books of Discovery have sponsored the Australian National Biomechanics Day Grant and Textbook Program. Details of the grant can be found here: http://thebiomechanicsinitiative.org/mesmerize/new-grants-scholarships/

If you are at an Australian institution and are hosting an event, or are interested in participating in Australian NBD, then please contact Ben Hoffman (ben.hoffman@usq.edu.au).