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Last updated, April 11, 2018

To become a member of the ANZSB it is necessary to provide a name and email address and to pay membership fees using the online payment system on the ANZSB web site. Members can access member-only services, such as the newsletter and information about awards, by logging in to the members-only part of the ANZSB web site. To log in, members must provide an email address and a password.

ANZSB maintains a database of members’ names, email addresses and details such as the member’s institution, level of appointment and phone number. These details are used to identify members, monitor membership levels and trends, send reminders to renew membership, and contact members regarding the functions of the society (for example, to notify members of new issues of the newsletter). We try to keep the number of emails sent to members to a minimum – in the past we have sent only a few emails each year. The database can be viewed by members of the ANZSB executive committee on a confidential basis. The data are not shared with or sold to third parties.  

The ANZSB web site has been built with a web site builder called Wix. Wix keeps a database of registrants’ login details (email addresses and passwords) for the purpose of controlling access to the member-only section of the web site. The Wix Privacy Policy can be accessed here: On the website, PayPal is used as a merchant service to help process payments securely for the purpose of payment of membership fees. Members can choose to use a PayPal account to make payments where some personal details will be collected by PayPal. Alternatively, members can opt to not use a PayPal account where PayPal will process your payment as a “Guest”. In both cases, information about the transaction is collected by PayPal. The PayPal Privacy Policy can be accessed here:

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