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In-Person ABC12, ANZSB Exec Nominations, ABC13 Location Revealed + More - May Newsletter Out Now

Dear ANZSB Members

The second issue of the ANZSB Newsletter for 2021 is out now. In this issue you can find:

  • Announcement of in-person ABC12 to go ahead in Adelaide in December this year

  • Call for nominations for positions on the ANZSB Executive Committee

  • President's report from Peter Pivonka including the ABC13 host city announcement

  • Latest student updates and events from Jodie Wills

  • Regional ABC Auckland Recap

  • New Zealand NBD 2021 Recap

ANZSB members can access the newsletter from our website (requires website log-in) or in their e-mail inbox.

Have a colleague or student that's not a member? Then encourage them to sign-up today for a range of benefits:


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