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Nominations for ANZSB Executive Committee Positions are Now Open

ANZSB is calling for nominations for executive committee positions. Appointments will take effect from the next ANZSB conference (ABC12, December 2021). Each committee member is usually expected to serve for two years coinciding with the period between ABCs. However, with ABC12 and ABC13 being held in back-to-back years, it is likely that these appointments will run for the maximum three years permitted up to ABC14.

President-Elect: The role of President-Elect provides an opportunity for mid-to-late career members to gain experience on the Executive Committee prior to taking on the President role. The President-Elect could, but does not have to, concurrently serve as Secretary/Treasurer, Conference Liaison Officer or Communications Officer.

Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer maintains The Society's membership list, handles official correspondence for The Society, maintains The Society's financial accounts, and provides an annual audited statement of accounts.

Communications Officer: The Communications Officer produces regular newsletters to maintain links between members of The Society, liaises with the Secretary/Treasurer with regard to sponsorship of The Society through its newsletter, contributes to the promotion of the Society and management of The Society’s electronic platforms (e.g. website, Facebook, twitter accounts).

Student Representative: The Student Representative represents the interests of student members of The Society, and organises a meeting of student members at ANZSB conferences. The student representative must be a student at the time they are appointed to the position.

Early Career Researcher (ECR) Representative: The Early Career Researcher Representative facilitates communication between ECRs and the executive committee, promotes networking between ECRs at conferences, and organises ECR professional development opportunities.

Nominees must be members of ANZSB (Not a member? Sign-up today). Current members of the executive may re-nominate. The student representative must be a student at the time they are appointed to the position. The ECR Representative must be within 10 years of the conferral of their PhD, although career interruptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to nominate yourself for one of these positions please send a short biographical paragraph (maximum 250 words) about yourself together with a photo to the Past President, Rob Herbert ( with the subject “ANZSB executive nomination”. If there is more than one nominee for any of the positions, an election will be held. Nominations are due by Thursday, June 17, 2021.

The new Executive Committee will be announced at the end of this year at ABC12.

If you have any queries about nomination, feel free to contact Rob Herbert (


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